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At Lotus Center we feel  it is important that you make informed health care decisions.  Knowledge is power and  we believe that educating yourself is of utmost importance in order to make the best health choices for you and your family.   Whether it is in a group setting or a private class, we can assist you in gaining the knowledge and skills you need to live a healthy and holistic life.  

 Check the schedule often as classes are always forming. 

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Up Coming Events:

Fertility   Movie

at the Lotus Center

Admission is FREE

Documentary film highlighting infertility in America and how Mercier therapy and the 

Shared Journey Fertility Program has helped many women achieve pregnancy.

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Excerpt from Mercier Movie website:

"We at Mercier Therapy realized the need to share this information amongst women with fertility challenges. It has become the mission of Jennifer Mercier to serve as many women in the most safe and gentle way concerning their fertility care. While some cases need the assistance of medicine this simply is not true for all cases. The less invasive approach is the best choice for the future health of mom and eventually baby."

 List of Classes :

Essential Oils for the family:
Introduction to Essential Oils:    Learn the benefits of essential oils and how they can enhance your wellbeing.   In this class you will learn:  What are essential oils?   Where do they come from?  How to safely use them.  You will learn about specific essential oils for common discomforts and you will leave with a wealth of knowledge along with recipes to get you on your way to health and wellness.  Receive a info packet with 101 ways to use essential oils.
 Green Cleaning:  
                           Learn how to make simple, inexpensive and effective cleaners with essential oils
 Makeover your diaper bag, back pack &  gym bag:
                                                    This class will give you the information you need to exchange those       
                                                    toxic chemicals you carry in your bags for all natural ones
 Back to school with essential oils:
                    Back to school doesn't have to signal the return of runny noses and coughing kids.  Learn how essential oils can help keep your children healthy.  We will also discuss how certain essential oils can help with sleep, studying and concentration and anxiety.
Essential Oils for Women's Health:
 Learn how essential oils can improve your mood, help with sleep disturbances, menstrual irregularities or discomforts, menopausal symptoms, libido and enhance your fertility
Preconception Health and Wellness:
Private and group classes to help you prepare your body for conception.  Whether or not you are struggling with your fertility,  this class will provide you with all the information you need to get your body, mind and spirit in an healthy state for new life to begin.  You will learn exercises for stress reduction, exercises that enchance your fertility, information on nutrition,  and essential oils for health & wellness
Monitor your Cycle:
This is a private class in which you will go away with all the knowledge and resources to accurately monitor your ovulatory cycle.  
An instructional book and a log journal will be provided.
Childbirth Classes
Group class setting:
 One or two day or evening class.   In these classes you will gain all the information you need to learn about labor and the birth of your baby.  Includes relaxation and breathing techniques, pain management options & other coping skills.  Postpartum care is also discussed.
Private Childbirth Class
4 hour class
This is a private class customized to your needs  in order to give you an individualized experience.
Come learn about labor, delivery  and comfort measures and meditations to help you during your childbirth experience
Breastfeeding Classes:
Private or group classes and private consultation.  Learn how to succesfully breastfeed your baby, tips for breastfeeding and returning to work and pumping and natural wasy to increase your milk supply.

Natural Baby Care:
Private or group class to learn holistic and chemical free childcare.  Including herbs and essential oils for the family
Infant Massage Classes:
Private or group classes . Learn how to soothe your baby with infant massage. Massage can relax infants, soothe colicky babies, promote sleep and encourage bonding between parents and baby. We welcome 2 adults per baby.
Meditations for Pregnancy
In this class you will  learn mind-body techniques to reduce stress & balance your mind &  body.  You will learn how to prepare your mind and body throughout your pregnancy for a fearless and stress-less childbirth
Meditations for Fertility
Come experience deep relaxation & stress reduction  as you meditate to put your body in a state of well being that will welcome new life. This meditation utilizes mind/body techniques to empower your ability to concieve.