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Holistic Health and wellness:

  • Massage Therapy
  • Auricular Therapy
  • Reiki
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  • Mercier Therapy ™
  • Lypossage ™
  • Essential Oils & Aromatherapy
  • dōTerra products 
  • Herbal Supplements
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  • Weight Loss program
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Maternity & Prenatal Services

  • Pregnancy & Postpartum massage
  • C/Section & Postpartum Recovery Program
  • Meditation and Relaxation class
  • Preparation for conception class
  • Childbirth classes
  • Learn comfort measures for pregnancy & birth
  • Prenatal exercise
  • Belly casting sculpture
  • Breastfeeding classes & consultations
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Auricular Therapy:

Similar to acupuncture without the use of needles.

Auricular therapy is a practice that dates back to the third century.  It is based on the idea that the ear is a microsystem which reflects the entire body, represented on the auricle, the outer portion of the ear.  Acupuncture points on the ear are stimulated with the use of seeds and spheres.  Auricular therapy

has been used to help those with    

  • Infertility
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Menopausal symptoms 
  • Male and Female libido
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Nausea or Gastrointestinal issue
  • Weight loss
  • Allergies
  • Pain relief
  • Headaches

Mercier Therapy is a soft tissue visceral manipulation therapy technique that has been used to help restore health and well being within the female pelvis.

The goal is to decrease adhesions in and around the organs, ligaments, muscles, joints and support structures of the pelvis, abdomen, hips and lower back.

This gentle and non invasive technique was created to help you reconnect to your divine feminine and allow your pelvis a highly emotional space to healing and balance.

It has been shown to be helpful with the following issues:


        Polycystic ovarian syndrome

        Painful intercourse

        Pelvic scaring or adhesions from previous pelvic surgery

        Pelvic pain



        Menopausal symptoms

Merciér Therapy for pelvic pain is done over a period of 4-6 weeks and is done in 12 individual sessions at 30 minutes per session or 6 sessions at one hour per session.  This massage technique is done abdominally and requires NO vaginal work. Appropriate referral to a Uro/Gyn Physician can be given for further evaluation.


Please give our office a call to start your Merciér Massage regime today and let the healing begin.



Fertility Therapy

Shared Journey Fertility Program ™

This is a gentle and very effective approach to a conscious conception.  The program was developed by midwife, naturopathic doctor and massage therapist Jennifer Mercier, PhD.

The Shared Journey Fertility Program can be used as a stand alone natural therapy or as an adjunct to other assisted reproductive technology.

Medically Assisted Reproduction and Shared Journey Fertility program

An IVF cycle can be very costly, rigorous and physically tiring.  There are some who will need to endure more than one IVF cycle to achieve a pregnancy;   therefore, Jennifer Mercier developed the Shared Journey Fertility Program so that you are able to help limit the number of cycles. Our therapy protocol is started and finished prior to the stimulation portion of a medically assisted cycle. No work will be done during stim because it could disrupt the process and over stimulate the ovaries causing your cycle to be cancelled. Therefore, making your appointment well in advance of your cycle start is advised. If time is limited than we can wrap up the Shared Journey program within a 3-4 day weekend. Our goal is to help you physically and emotionally so you will enter your cycle with a healthy environment within your pelvis to ensure a successful first IVF cycle.


Stand alone program:

Many women choose the Shared Journey Fertility Program as a stand alone regime for many reasons.  For some the reasons are the costs  for IUI& IVF .  There are also those who would prefer an all natural approach to conception.   No matter your choice you’ll always have our support.

For more information visit Mercier Therapy of Connecticut at the link below...